Bubbles Harajuku Terry’s Green Hair, Vintage Acid Wash & Elephant Cap

Here’s someone who we’ve snapped before – and someone who we are always happy to run into – it’s Terry from the popular Harajuku vintage shop Bubbles!

Terry is wearing a vintage acid wash denim jacket over a couple of layers of tops from the Harajuku resale shop Panama Boy, Cheap Monday jeans, and Vision Street Wear sneakers. Accessories – some of which came from Bubbles – include a vintage ethnic sequined cap with elephants on it, a pink nose ring, several earrings, a cross necklace, and various other necklaces. His large colorful wallet is from KTZ.

Terry told us that his favorite shops/brands include Bubbles and H100 and his favorite type of music is hip hop. If you’d like to know more about Terry, check him out on Twitter!

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. cuppycake

    why does he remind me of da guy in tht anime paradise kiss??

  2. Love Terry-san’s style…Always looks cool! I really like the ethnic elephant hat and his way of mixing so many different elements.

  3. @cuppycake

    Arashi or George ?? LOL. I love that movie ^___^