Bunka Fashion College Student’s Pink Boots & 6%DOKIDOKI in Harajuku

This is Christina, a student of Tokyo’s famous Bunka Fashion College who is originally from Canada. You might recognize Christina as a longtime member of the Harajuku Fashion Walk crew.

Christina – who we street snapped in Harajuku – is wearing a graphic vest from Thank You Mart over a super-colorful dress from the resale shop Down Down Down, a pannier from Body Line, graphic tights, and distressed pink boots with neon laces. Accessories include various cute hair clips and bows, a 6%DOKIDOKI hair clip, yellow glasses, a handkerchief neck scarf, a handmade dinosaur pin, and a pink Lego backpack.

Christina’s favorite shops include Kinji and 6%DokiDoki. Her favorite musicians are Yelle, Blonde Redhead, and Love is All. If you’d like to know more about Christina’s adventures living – and attending fashion college – in Tokyo, you can follow her on Twitter.

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  1. humanotic

    I really like this colorful girl, actually i love each colorful style because in my country is almost impossible to see something like this. Tokyo street fashion and Helsinki street style are inspiring ^_^

  2. Gosh! I just need that backpak so badly Ç_____Ç’

  3. Dreaded Queen

    Great job Christina Saurus! I see her all the time in the fashion walk pics and sometimes in the club stuff too. Nice to see her featured. Love the colorful patterns. The dress reminds me if the simpsons. I had to zoom in to see the pattern. Cute accessories and hair too .

  4. Buttercup 369

    she looks good in that color combination!