Bunka Fashion College Student’s Sheer Skirt, Creepers & Cute Necklace

Meet Mio, a 21-year-old student at Japan’s most prestigious fashion school, Bunka Fashion College. These street snaps were taken near the Bunka campus in Shinjuku.

Mio is wearing a blazer she picked up resale over two layered resale graphic tops, a long pleated sheer skirt from Nadia Harajuku, graphic leggings, and creepers she bought resale (they might be George Cox based on the British flag tag). Accessories – most of which were also purchased from Tokyo resale shops – include a cute necklace with little sailors on it, multiple earrings, a silver studs ring, a vampire fangs ring, a Casio G-Shock watch, and a studded shoulder bag from the Japanese brand Jeanasis.

Mio’s favorite fashion designer is Vivienne Westwood and her favorite musical group is the Japanese rock band Shakalabbits.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. hmm, rather underground england creepers i guess (?)
    because i have a pair with the same tag ..

    anyway, she looks amazing!

  2. well THAT look is admirable. sometimes i think that japanese fashion people loose sense of what is over the top in a good way and what is not but this girl just prooved me that japanese fashion can be VERY tasteful without loosing in intensity. well done!

  3. tokyo

    @Alice – Thanks, that makes sense! Underground even had a popup shop at LaForet Harajuku recently.

  4. Love that windy effect. Her skirt and necklace are just adorable!

  5. I’d totally wear this. It’s along the lines of the style I like 100%. While everyone is into that Forever21 covergirl look, I will forever be into dark colors, cool, short hair, and that overall classy rocker look.

  6. I love her outfit so much and oh! she is bunka fashion college student ! :D

  7. Wunderbar, ich mag den leichtes Stoff des Rockes! Und die Schuhe! Die Schuhe finde ich toll!!! :)

  8. Wow. I love how she layered all those different prints and fabrics and still managed to look sleek!