Bunka Fashion College Students’ Patchwork Parka vs. Kenzo Sweater

Here are two more Bunka Fashion College student who know how to express their individual style. When we photographed them in Harajuku they told us that they’re both 19 years old. The blonde guy on the right is Junpei. He’s wearing a graphic t-shirt from Patrik Soderstam, loose pants from Comme des Garcons Homme Plus and a cool patchwork denim parka.

Junpei’s accessories from Yoshiko Creation Paris and other shops include a black cap, a large white hoop earring and a silver pendant necklace. His cartoon print backpack and his black sneakers are both from Bernard Wilhelm.

The girl on the left with twin ponytails is Kanna. She’s wearing several items from used clothing shops including a Kenzo cable knit sweater, a fleece jacket, a short cotton skirt with an apron and white sneakers. She’s also wearing checked leggings and ribbons tied in bows around her ankles. Plush animal ear muffs complete Kanna’s outfit. Her black bag is from Bunka College.

We asked the pair about their favorite sources for fashion. Junpei said he likes Yoshiko Creation Paris while Kanna likes Manoush and Ahcahcum. When we asked about their favorite music, Junpei said he likes Yuki and Kanna mentioned Etsuko Yakushimaru.

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