Bunka Fashion Student’s Dog Harajuku Boots, Skinny Neon Pants & Vivienne Westwood Bag

Here’s a stylish 19-year-old Bunka Fashion College student named Been who we met in Harajuku. Been’s look is really striking, so it was an easy choice for us to approach him. When we talked to him, Been told us that – while living in Japan now – he’s originally from Seoul, South Korea.

Been is wearing a black short-sleeved hooded top he purchased in South Korea, neon yellow KTZ skinny pants with a graphic pattern, and heeled boots from the avant-garde Harajuku boutique Dog. Accessories include a lips ring from NaNa-NaNa, headphones, and an eco-friendly Vivienne Westwood +5 tote bag.

Been’s favorite shop in Tokyo is Candy Shibuya and his favorite bands include 2NE1 and Rihanna. If you’d like to know more about Been and follow his adventures in Tokyo, check him out on Twitter and Facebook.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. wow, he looks stunning! Love the pants.
    It’s nice how the pants are really the highlight of this outfit and he kept the rest of his outfit more simple. :D
    But hey… is that make-up he’s wearing? Looks freaking awesome on him. And nailpolish :3

  2. Woow. He has a beautiful face *-*
    But I find it kindastrange that he wears red nailpolish… Buuut I have to say that it matches him pretty good. I just love it.
    Sort of.

  3. young_rob101

    I love the pants and bag!!!!!! Hey guys can you plz follow me on twitter at young_rob101 i would love to talk fashion with you guys

  4. I really like what he did with this outfit. Love the ktz pants! Those bunka fashion students are always on point aren’t they?

  5. kinako milk

    love the androgynous look! he has interesting style, i especially like the pants.

  6. I love androgyny to a certain point, he’s definitely is cute and pulls it off.

  7. They have photographed him before, i love his style so much! Especially his red hair