Bunka Student with Blue Hair & Super Lovers Shirt

This is Abiko, a19-year-old Bunka Fashion College Student. The first thing we noticed is her blue and auburn streaked hair. She’s wearing a Super Lovers top covered with stars over a short black skirt from a resale shop. She’s also wearing black Nike Jordan shoes with blue striped athletic socks. Her cool back pack is from X-Girl.

Abiko has an eye-catching manicure with red, purple and black fingernails. Her accessories are from G-Shock and Monomania.

Abiko likes the music of Yuki. Her favorite stores are RNA and Monomania.
Blue-haired Bunka Fashion College Student

Blue hair & Super Lovers top

X-Girl back pack

Red, purple and black fingernails & silver rings

Striped socks & Nike Jordan shoes

Blue & auburn hair

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  1. This is s0o0o0o Cool Just lUV the whole look ><!

  2. She looks so great despite her casual clothes :X
    Well, what a great example for ” Simple is the best ”
    Love it ^^

  3. Olivia Whittaker

    amazing love the trainers and her hair and her outfit perfect ^ ^

  4. I kind of like this look really much, most of all –> the hair!! GREAT ^_^

  5. Wow I love her hair, very funky color. But it’s inappropriate for too many occasions.

  6. I love her style, would love to see more of this girl.

    And yea, I agree with Kerry, its unfortunate that this kind of hairstyle is inappropriate for a lot of occasions. (I’m thinking business settings). Actually I think a lot of people don’t realize that a lot of Japanese companies are quite conservative, and many actually don’t even allow hair to be dyed at all, let alone an unnatural color. Some of my male Japanese friends have talked about not wanting to have to cut their hair short for a job.

    I can see how businesses wouldn’t like it, because honestly unnatural hair color has been done tacky and the wrong way too many times..But a lot of the blue/green/purple hair I see on this site looks really nice!