Bunker Tokyo Russian Streetwear Style w/ Purple Braids, Russian Writing Prints, Layered Belts, Flame Socks & Vans Sneakers

We met Achiha, a 19-year-old Bunker Tokyo staffer whose braided hair and sporty streetwear style easily caught our eye on the Harajuku street one evening.

Achiha – sporting purple braided hair falls – is clad in a black Future Is Now jacket with white Russian writing print and distressed hems from Bunker Tokyo, worn over a black Sowhat? shirt with face and Russian writing print – also from Bunker Tokyo – and a purple hoodie sweater. He paired his layered tops with colorblock Outlaw Moscow track pants from Bunker Tokyo, donned black flame print socks, and slipped into purple-and-black Vans sneakers. Layered Russian print belts, also from Bunker Tokyo, completed his streetwear style.

Achiha’s favorite fashion brand is Bunker Tokyo, and he is active on Twitter.

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