Here are two stylish Japanese girls we met in Harajuku. One is beautician and the other owns a secondhand shop called Spell.

Tomomi, the 23-year-old beautician, is on left. She’s wearing an outfit from Spell that includes a cable knit sweater, denim shirt, leather shorts, brown tights and socks and Dr. Martens shoes. Tomomi’s accessories (also from Spell) include a camel color hat, a jeweled cross earring, and a few other earrings. She’s wearing a leather satchel on her back.

Marina, the 23-year-old shop owner, is the girl on the right with green-tipped braids. She’s wearing a Morris the Cat t-shirt with leather short and a fringed yarn jacket, all from Spell. She’s also wearing flowered tights, black fuzzy socks and Dr. Martens shoes (also from Spell).

Marina’s Spell accessories include a lace headpiece and pearl earrings. A large cameo ring and two other rings complement her nails, which are painted in a variety of colors. Her purse is a Coach bag from Spell decorated with a large tassel.

When we asked the girls about their favorite music, Tomomi said she likes Yuki and Marina mentioned Chara. Both said that their favorite shop is Spell. If you read Japanese you can check out the Spell blog.

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  1. I believe Marina’s hair accessory is actually a beaded collar! Very innovative!

  2. Her leggings definitely looked like bruises until I saw the close up. Maybe that’s intentional? Gruesome. :)

  3. LOOOVE her tights :)

    i’m really loving the sweater x shirt loook.. need to get myself a couple cable knitted sweaters!

  4. Dreaded Queen

    Not liking the shoes. But I really like the pearl headpiece or collar .

  5. Those tights! I though maybe she had a port wine birthmark at first. Really cool :-)

  6. anonymous

    They definitely have style!
    I love those boots. And the loose socks too!
    I wish I could find one in my city. But that kind of streetwear isn’t common in my country :(