Candy Stripper & Cherub-print w/ Purple Highlights in Harajuku

This is Madoka, a 21-year-old girl who works at Candy Stripper. Her hair has purple highlights, and she’s wearing cherry-shaped earrings.

Madoka paired a vintage-style cherub-print shirt with cute laced Candy Stripper lilac shorts. Her lace-up boots show a bit of her floral socks, and we also noticed her silver rings. She told us her accessories are from Candy Stripper as well.

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  1. This look is SO perfect, cute, yet functional and won’t get any weird stares here in the US. I’m going to steal it, hope she doesn’t mind :p

  2. yusa , i liked it when people stare at me when i was lolita. it maked me feel orginal, other than others. it was a special feeling

  3. super cute!! ^^ I wish I worked at a cute store so I could wear the clothes if only once

  4. Understated yet eye catching. Interesting shorts show off her perfect lags.