Candy Stripper Fan in Overalls & Pink Beret

This cute college student with a fuchsia beret is 20-year-old Chiba. She’s wearing Candy Stripper overalls that are printed cartoon characters over a resale t-shirt. Her heart-print bag and cute polka dot shoes are also from Candy Stripper and her black cardigan is from Lydia.

Chiba told us her favorite shops are Candy Stripper, SOL and Nadia. We asked about her favorite music and the answer was Yuki and Kaela Kimura.
Candy Stripper Fan in Overalls & Pink Beret

Candy Stripper overalls & Lydia cardigan

Candy Stripper heart-print bag

Candy Stripper polka dot shoes with bows

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  1. She looks sooooo comfy in that outfit. I think its dead cute!

  2. sooo cute! I wish I would have an overall like that *-* so simple yet sweet – and I bet it’s comfy as hell =)

  3. i know i want that overall its so awsoooome >.< but then again if i would wear it here ppl would think am crazy :( (but a would defenetly risk and wear it ^^)
    But am in love with that hat a cant find one like that anywhere:( and she coordinates everething perfectly ^^