Candy Stripper & Mickey Mouse Fans in Harajuku

These cute auburn-haired girls in their colorful outfits are fans of the Candy Stripper shop in Harajuku. Their graphic t-shirts and short gathered skirts are from Candy Stripper. The girl on the right, who is named Oshida, is also wearing a straw hat with a bright band from Top Shop, black leggings and print platform sandals from Wanonano. Her bag, which is the perfect coordinate for her skirt, is from Mercibeaucoup.

The girl on the left is Eri, and she’s wearing cute glasses and a perky hairbow. Her striped fiber bag with a bejeweled Mickey Mouse logo is from Beams Boy. Her leggings, which are printed with Mickey Mouse cartoons, look cute with her pink, black and white Adidas shoes. Eri’s Mickey Mouse ring is from Q-Pot and her logo necklace is from Vivienne Westwood.

Besides Candy Stripper, Eri likes the Q-Pot and Adidas brands. She likes the music of the band Shakalabbits, while Oshida likes the group Dragon Ash.
Candy Stripper tops & skirts

Straw hat & Candy Stripper top

Mercibeucoup bag & Candy Stripper skirt

Black leggings & Wanonano platform sandals

Candy Stripper top, hair bow & Vivienne Westwood necklace

Beams Boy bag with Mickey Mouse logo

Mickey Mouse leggings & Pink Adidas

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  1. I’m gonna put a tent in Takeshita and live there!
    (they’re absolutely AWESOME)

  2. I love both their outfits, but espoecially the girl on the left! So well put together… and she’s wearing the shoes I’ve been pining for for ages!

  3. Madonna Lily

    OH MY GOSH!!!!!!
    the girl with glasses looks just like I wish I would!!!