Candy Stripper, Nadia & WC by Chinatsu Wakatsuki

This happy girl is Rie. a 21-year-old who works as a therapist. She’s wearing a black Candy Stripper top with a striped hood under a purple and pink satin bomber jacket from Nadia. Her outfit also includes a short knit skirt and black patterned fishnet stockings from WC by Chinatsu Wakatsuki.

Rie’s shoes are platform clogs worn with socks trimmed with layers of red lace. Her pink and green metallic cross-body bag is from Algonquin.

We asked Rie about her favorite fashion sources and the answer was KBF and Candy Stripper. She also said her favorite type of music is mellowcore.
Candy Stripper, Nadia & WC by Chinatsu Wakatsuki

Nadia satin bomber jacket

Algonquin cross-body bag

WC by Chinatsu Wakatsuki stockings

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  1. Indeed, not my style. But her smile makes her outfit adorable!

  2. CCHHunter

    She’s adorable and I love those shoes :) Great combo

  3. All of the shots are in the exact same location! Venture out a bit Tokyo Fashion and, dare I say, maybe you’ll get some better fashion?

  4. iluvhatemail

    @Alice: I dont know what you think Tokyo is like, but you arent going to see the same style in Oshiage or Kudanshita. They purposely dress up and walk thru Harajuku just to show off. So if Tokyo Fashion wants to get the best shots of Fruits they need to be where it happens.

  5. Oh please tell me she knows what a real “Candy Stripper” is. It’s perfect that she’s a young therpist!

  6. She looks very cute <3 I love her style .. The outfit is adorable and her hair too ^.^

  7. Really cute – hair and stockings are especially good. She just seems to exude a fun, happpy, maybe mischievous vibe. Very striking girl.

  8. I didn’t believe I would say it: I felt in love with her.
    She is so beautiful girl…
    By the way, It called my attention she is wearing so informal.