Candy Stripper Pair Look w/ Ombre Hair, Bone Cat Sweaters & Creepers

When we spotted these two girls in Harajuku, we were immediately struck by their “pair look” (the Japanese term for when friends go out in matching outfits). Luckly for us, they were nice enough to stop and let us take a few street snaps.

Both girls are wearing almost head-to-toe fashion from the popular and kawaii Cat Street (Harajuku) shop Candy Stripper. Items in the pair looks include “Bone Cat” knit sweaters, bones & stars knit skirts, striped socks, and creepers. Accessories include Candy Stripper headbands, skeleton hands necklaces, Candy Stripper gloves, and Candy Stripper bags (a studded cross backpack for one girl, an angel wings purse for the other). To keep warm, one is wearing faux fur, the other denim. The girls’ ombre and pink-streaked hairstyles also add to the overall looks.

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  1. Wow, they look stunning :D
    Love the hair and shoes!