Carlo Pignatelli Designer Style in Harajuku

This stylish gentleman is Masahiro Tsugawa, fashion director Italian designer Carlo Pignatelli. We admired his fashion sense when we met him in Harajuku. He’s wearing cropped black pants from Nike with a full white shirt. His leather zori sandals coordinate well with his cool leather bag.

Masahiro’s favorite brand is Carlo Pignatelli. He enjoys the music of the Southern All Stars. If you read Japanese, you might want to visit his blog.
Cropped pants and full white shirt

Carlo Pignatelli designer in stylish white shirt

Black leather bag

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  1. This white shirt is terryfic! His outfit looks so simple but with great taste…

  2. maede chihiro

    he looks like Othello
    what a STUDDD
    i wish he was my uncle or something
    i’d be the illest kid on campus

  3. i like it- astonishing and wirh sense of humour and what more important- not overdone…
    this guy definitely has style and cool face!