Chi-Peko w/ Twin Tails, Takio-chan, Homeless Party, Nesin & Itazura in Harajuku

This cute 21-year-old girl is Chi-peko, who is working at Nesin. She is wearing twin tails and a pastel outfit.

Her pink oversized hoodie with bunny ears is by Homeless Party (bought from Nesin Harajuku). The same goes for her manga print bag. Her t-shirt is by the Japanese artist Takio-chan, and her shoes are Yosuke (bought from Itazura). Accessories include a magical girl(?) necklace and a Pikachu tail plush charm.

Chi-peko likes shopping at Nesin, Wagado, Itazura and Zzz Tokyo, and she’s a fan of vocaloid. Chi-peko is active on both Twitter and Instagram.

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