Chinatsu Wakatsuki Leopard Print Skirt in Harajuku

This cute 19-year-old Japanese college student was photographed in Harajuku. She’s wearing a cute lightened hairstyle with bangs, a hair bun, and some curls. Her outfit consists of a pair of furry ear muffs, a double-breasted jacket with a furry collar, a red top, a leopard print skirt from WC by Chinatsu Wakatsuki, sparkling tights, and boots from Fi.n.t. Her accessories include a brown leather purse and a plush teddy bear phone charm that says “I Love Okinawa”. She told us that her favorite fashion brand is Crystal Ball, and that her favorite band is Capsule.

WC Leopard Print Skirt in Harajuku

Cool Japanese Hairstyle in Harajuku

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  1. I love ear muffs and tights. These are great! I love the color. I have a reconstructed coat kind of like this. Cute outfit.

  2. Average at best. I don’t see anything special here beside her haircut which is cute!

  3. I love her style, simple and classy. The fur and leopard print add a nice touch :) might not work very well in the west though.

  4. I agree she looks VERY classy and feminine.
    You just want to take her out for tea, and hug her when she leaves.
    Nice warm colours and comfy style.