Circus Harajuku Staffer w/ Rainbow Hair, Oversized Sweater & Colorful Socks

This is Minami, a staffer at The Circus sock and footwear boutique in Harajuku. Her short bright red hairstyle, with a splash of colors in the back, is what first caught our eye.

Minami’s oversized sweater is from Chicago (a Tokyo resale shop), paired with The Circus Harajuku socks. She bought her 24 Footwear stripes and polka dots boots from The Circus as well. Her watch is Diesel.

Minami told us that Circus Harajuku is her favorite place to shop, and that she’s a fan of Sing02. Follow her on Twitter for updates.

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  1. Alexis M.

    I wish more people with this type of fashion sense lived here in Philly cause here its so plain and I can’t be myself without being looked at weirdly talked about and bullied ;(,