College Girl’s Classic Style from Lowrys Farm, Hug, Meno & Mujii

Kasane is a cute 20-year-old college student that we photographed in Harajuku. She’s put together an outfit with classic style that includes a toggle-button coat with fur trim that she bought at a brand shop. Her plaid shirt is from a reasale shop and her pleated skirt is from Lowrys Farm. She’s also wearing light gray tights and Mary Jane shoes from the Hug resale shop.

Kasane’s accessories from Meno, another resale shop, include a gold watch and two gold rings. Her purse is from Muji.

When we asked Kasane about her favorite shops and her answer was Hug and Conocoto. She also told us that her favorite musical group is Radiwimps.

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  1. kinako milk

    autumnal colors, understated style and cute hairdo! overall look is lovely.

  2. Nice tones, really nice hair, pretty face.
    I was thinking of visiting Japan in 2012 but no I’m not so sure.

  3. love the rings!!
    looked them up to get them, but was only able to find random sites.
    must only be a Japanese exclusive brand :(

    the sad part of living outside of Japan…

  4. i’m in love… her outfit is simple but cute, but the best part is her face. it’s so round and soft and squishy, i want to hug her! ;_;

  5. @Maddeeee – She said she got some of her accessories at Meno, which is a popular Harajuku resale/select shop. You can see their website here in case that helps:

  6. Those jackets are everywhere! I’ve seen SO many of them in a wide variety of colors.

  7. So cute *w* I love this, and she’s adorable! :333