Colorful Braids, Kinji Resale & Pin Nap Retro Sneakers in Harajuku

Elleanor is a friendly English-speaking Japanese fashion student who we see often around Harajuku. She works at one of Harajuku’s most popular resale shops!

In addition to her short rainbow braids, Elleanor is wearing a sukajan jacket from Kinji with a knit top, a tiered skirt from New York Joe (another Tokyo resale shop), ripped jeans, and retro New Balance sneakers from Pin Nap. Accessories – most of which are handmade – include a rubber ducky necklace, a knit sock necklace, a large Frapbois unicorn brooch, a light bulb earring, a safety pin earring, several rings, and a Scramble Market tote bag decorated with a giant knit clothes pin.

Elleanor’s favorite shop right now is The Circus Harajuku and she enjoys listening to For more info on her Harajuku lifestyle, follow Elleanor on Twitter!

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  1. cute, but you should smile, gurl :) would look much more pretty