Colorful Couple w/ Saints Bracelet, Tassel & Remake Fashion in Harajuku

Hisako and Shun got our attention with their colorful street style in Harajuku. We liked how their outfits went together and snapped some pictures of both.

Hisako is a 20 year old student, and she’s wearing a red maxi dress with a remade icon apron on top. She added a tassel (a hint of Dolly Kei), a doll head and some lace to her paisley print bag, and she paired her white Converse sneakers with polka dot socks. Her icon bracelet is Cayhane, her braided headband is Urerica, and her nails are painted in different colors. She loves shopping at Honey’s Dead and Hiro, and her favorite musicians are Sigur Ros, The High-Lows and Kaela Kimura.

Shun is a freeter and he’s 23. His colorful T-shirt is Raf Simons and the black skinny jeans are Uniqlo. He wears a black bag with a skull charm, bought from KMRii, and his navy and red shoes are from Hiro. Shun also wears a purple hat, a bracelet and a watch. He told us that his favorite brands are the same as Hisako’s. His favorite music is Mozart, and you can find him online on Twitter, as shuntoLEO.


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  1. wow, they are so cool~ i love her dress and i want the guy’s top.
    and he has great freckles~ plus his favorite music is mozart? can i marry him?