Colorful Decora Fashion vs. Dark Look w/ Piercings in Harajuku

Here is an eclectic trio of girls who we snapped on the street in Harajuku. You might recognize them as participants in past Harajuku Fashion Walk and/or Pop N Cute events. They have all been featured in various Japanese street snap magazines as well.

Gero – on the left – is a 16-year-old-student. She’s wearing a decora-friendly outfit featuring a print shirt from the resale shop Kinji over a graphic top, painted denim overalls, and Sketchers sneakers (all from Thank-You Mart). Accessories – some of which came from Claire’s, Disneyland, and the Lady Gaga shop – include a decorated Village Vanguard hat, face decorations, numerous hair clips, various colorful necklaces, bracelets galore, and a Scooby Doo backpack from the Harajuku resale shop Panama Boy. Gero’s favorite store is Panama Boy and her favorite artist is Lady Gaga. You can follow Gero on Twitter here.

On the right – sharing Gero’s interest in decora fashion – is 19-year-old Kuronokuro. Kuronokuro is wearing a graphic t-shirt she received from a friend over a pink & blue long-sleeve top from Chicago (a Tokyo resale shop), pink polka dot pants (also from Chicago), and red Crocs-like shoes from Thank-You Mart. Accessories – from 6%DokiDoki, Nadia, Swimmer, Claire’s, Bunkaya Zakkaten, Spiral Harajuku – include multiple caps, colorful hair decorations and clips, plastic chain necklaces, super colorful bracelets, lots of rings (including Hello Kitty), a canvas eyeball-print bag, a smiling moon backpack from Kinji, and a pink bucket. If you’re into decora, definitely check out Kuronokuro‘s twitter for more pics!

In the middle – with a darker edgy look – is Kyo. She is 22 years old and works at the popular Shimokitazawa resale shop Chicago. Kyo is wearing a black cardigan over a black flower-print dress, lace stockings, and black suede wedges. Accessories include a headband, round glasses, facial piercings, gauged ears, and a large black leather shoulder bag with a Casper The Ghost wallet attached. Her favorite fashion designer is Yves Saint Laurent and she enjoys the music of Elvis Presley. Like her friends, Kyo is also active on Twitter.

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  1. Love the Decora girls! And the face of the girl in the middle is just perfect

  2. Dreaded Queen

    Wow they are all so beautiful. Always happy to see decora

  3. White Deer

    The girl with the piercings looks glorious, and I LOVE her round shades – such cool rock style!