Colorful Group Tokyo Street Fashion w/ Dog Harajuku, Gucci, Tokyo Bopper, Kinji, Christopher Nemeth, Mode Off & Tommy Hilfiger

While walking along the Harajuku street, we met a group of students all wearing colorful fashion styles. From left to right, they are: 18-year-old Towy, 17-year-old Sakurako, 17-year-old Shouta, and 18-year-old Mona. Let’s take a look at their individual outfits:

Yellow-haired Towy is wearing an orange Dog Harajuku knit sweater over a collar shirt, vintage plaid zipper pants, vintage platform creepers, and a Tommy Hilfiger crossbody bag. He accessorized with a colorful knit tassel hat. His favorite brands are Dog Harajuku and San To Nibun No Ichi and he likes to listen to the music of Yentown and Yurufuwa Gang. Towy is active on Instagram.

Sakurako’s ensemble consists of a Kinji plaid blazer over a striped collar dress, also from Kinji, yellow socks over orange tights, red pumps from Mode Off, and a Gucci sling bag. Her accessories include a printed headband, sunglasses, a red belt, and a yellow beaded necklace. San To Nibun No Ichi is Sakurako’s favorite brand/shop, and she loves the music of The Beatles. Follow her on Instagram!

Sporting a purple and blue color palette and wearing eyeglasses, Shouta is wearing a purple sweater vest over a blue turtleneck sweatshirt from 20471120, San To Nibun No Ichi shorts, light blue socks, platform sneakers from Tokyo Bopper, and a purple Christopher Nemeth body bag. Shouta likes listening to the music of For his social media updates, follow Shouta on Instagram.

And at the far right, Mona’s outfit features a pink ruffle jacket from Hug, a floral print Mode Off dress over a white ribbed top, vintage colored jeans, blue Converse sneakers, and a fuzzy sling bag from L.D.S. She accessorized with a white beret and a wide denim belt from Sanbiki No Koneko. Mona’s favorite brand is Panama Boy and she likes the music of Morning Musume. Follow her on Twitter.

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