Colorful Harajuku Streetwear Style w/ Twin Tails, Decora Hair Clips, Resale Kimono, Floral Top, Handkerchief Glitter Skirt, Ladybug Backpack & Yosuke Mint Platform Sneakers

Easily catching our eye on the Harajuku street one afternoon is Purin-chan, a 19-year-old part-time worker dressed in a colorful streetwear style.

Sporting twin tails embellished with decora hair clips, Purin-chan stepped out in a resale orange printed kimono jacket, which she wore over a cropped floral print top from with a sailor collar. She also wore a blue hand-me-down handkerchief skirt with glitter details, red heart belt, yellow fishnet tights, eyeball print socks, and finished off her style with mint platform lace-up sneakers from Yosuke. Purin-chan embellished her look with cute hair ties, a headband, a white leather choker with a pixel pendant, rainbow earrings, an oversized cross necklace, colorful stacked bracelets, and red heart sunglasses. In addition, Purin-chan is toting a yellow duck sling bag from Thank You Mart and a ladybug backpack from America.

Japanese kawaii brand, 6%DokiDoki, is Purin-chan’s fashion favorite, and she enjoys the music of Twice. Follow Purin-chan on Instagram.

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