Colorful & Kawaii 6%DOKIDOKI Fashion On The Street in Harajuku

Kanata is a staffer at the famous Harajuku kawaii boutique 6%DOKIDOKI. We ran into him on the street not far from the shop.

Kanata’s look includes his amazing colorful hairstyle and makeup along with a Hello Kitty shirt (worn with a red rope belt) and kawaii fashion and accessories by 6%DOKIDOKI. He’s also got cute nail art by Misa.

Kanata is active on both Instagram and Twitter if you’d like to see more of his fashion and makeup.

The cute little boy in the last photo is named Abdallah. He joined us during the street snap!

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  1. Andrea Camillary

    Omg! A hello kitty shirt is so cute. And that cute little boy with you is very cute.
    #I love hello kitty shirt.