Colorful Kawaii Harajuku Street Style w/ Rainbow Hair Falls, Decora Hair Clips, ACDC Rag, Kobinai, El Rodeo, Duck Plushie & Yosuke Platforms

While out and about in Harajuku, we came across Purinchan, the 19-year-old Japanese idol we often feature on our street snaps.

This day, Purinchan stepped out in a colorful kawaii streetwear style, which features a cropped tie-dyed shirt with candy bar prints from ACDC Rag, worn over a rainbow top from Kobinai. She paired her layered tops with tie-dyed pants with smiley face prints from El Rodeo, stepped into pastel blue Yosuke platform sneakers, and carried a striped backpack. Purinchan styled her hair with multi-colored hair falls and decora hair clips from Yoshida Channel, and accessorized with face stickers, pastel pink heart earrings, a white leather heart choker with a pendant, stacked decora bracelets, a neon green cocktail ring, a rainbow belt, white heart sunglasses hanging from her belt, and a kawaii print cap. In addition, she is also toting a yellow duck plushie bag.

Japanese kawaii brand, 6%DokiDoki, is Purinchan’s fashion favorite, and she loves the music of Twice. Follow Purinchan on Twitter and Instagram.

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