Colorful Kawaii Harajuku Street Style w/ Ash Grey Twin Tails, ACDC Rag Furry Jacket, Romantic Standard, Spinns, Floral Print, Decotoland, Yuriko Eto Tote & WC Dragon Shoes

Meet Bakimero, a Spinns fashion shop staff we bumped into on the street in Harajuku.

Bakimero styled her ash grey hair twin tails with a green floral print headdress and pink hair clips. Her outfit consists of a multicolored furry jacket from ACDC Rag, a blue Romantic Standard embroidered top, a white bow blouse from Spinns and a remake/resale green floral print hakama. She also wore white ribbed socks and stepped into pink embroidered WC lace-up shoes with a dragon motif. Bakimero added a selection of accessories such as dangling earrings, a white garterized belt and multiple cocktail rings, which she sourced from Decotoland, Sugar Me and Charlem. In addition, Bakimero is carrying a pink glitter Yuriko Eto tote bag.

Yubi Ga Ippon, Abilletage and Decotoland are some of Bakimero’s favorite fashion labels while her favorite music artists include Shazna, Raputa and Seikima II. Follow Bakimero’s social media updates on Twitter and Instagram.

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