Colorful in Shibuya w/ Red Hair, Super Lovers, Tulle Skirt & Buckle Boots

Here’s a friendly girl with bright red hair who we ran into today in Shibuya. We were walking down the street on our way to an an appointment when she passed us going the other direction. Appointment or not, her super-colorful outfit caught our attention and we had to chase her down and ask for a few quick street snaps.

She’s wearing a yellow, black & pink Super Lovers hoodie over a t-shirt, a pink tulle skirt, neon patterned tights, and huge platform buckle boots. Her accessories include a pink LEMONed necklace, a lock necklace that says W13 (likely a reference to the band Wednesday 13), a cross necklace, a razor blade necklace, several silver rings, and a pink spiked bracelet. Her most fun accessory is her purse, which takes the shape of a cute fuzzy character with big eyes and feet.

We didn’t have time to ask her for full brand info, but if you’d like to know more about any of the items in her outfit, you could always ask her for yourself on Twitter. She tweets in both English and Japanese!

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. Yaaaay x)
    It’s me LOLZZ

    THANX VERY MUCH Tokyo!!!=D

  2. amazing i’m in love with her outfit i really want the hoodie

  3. So cool! Her hair and makeup is flawless and her outfit is so fun, especially the bag! I wish I could dress like her everyday, she’s beautiful ♥

  4. Even though the colours are quite mismatched, this outfit is really cool *-* Her bright red hair adds a lot to it, too!

  5. Dreaded queen

    The pic which is 4 before this one keeps crashing my app on my iPhone 4 os5 and on my iPad os4;(. The one with the girl with grey streaks in her hair

  6. Dreaded Queen

    The pic with the girl in grey streaks keeps crashing my app on iPhone 4 OS 5 and iPad os4 even if i kill the app ;( .

  7. tokyo

    Dreaded Queen – wow, I just tested it and it crashed my version too! That’s Misha Janette. Hmmm.. Let me try to figure out why that specific one is crashing the app. Thank you a million times for letting me know!

  8. Dreaded Queen

    No problem Tokyo. I’m happy to be your app tester in the USA. Just please keep the fashions coming. U make my day go by so much faster at work ;)

  9. I love her purse! And boots! And tights.. Everything!

  10. OMG I heart transmuter boots, i had a pair back in the day! Used to wear corset dresses and go to Rock nights <3

  11. totally love it .
    her hair !! <3
    this fusion of colors … everything is sooooo wonderful .

  12. nice loud outfit, great stockings, and very lovely girl

  13. Gosh. I died when I saw those boots. Then I looked at them again and came back to life. Super love!

  14. Very pretty and cool :) Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Emily Osment?