Colorful Street Styles w/ ahcahcum muchacha, Wall Harajuku, Nozomi Ishiguro, Bernhard Willhelm & Tata Christiane

We met this colorful duo – including the longtime Harajuku street fashion personality Takuma – in Urahara (the backstreets of Harajuku).

Rarma is a student. She is wearing a pink resale jacket over a ahcahcum muchacha top and resale bottoms. Her bag (which features plastic toys, pompoms and paint and looks like ZAORICK mochasse) is from Wall Harajuku, while her faux fur detail boots are from Nozomi Ishiguro. Rarma’s accessories include pieces from 6%DokiDoki and Romantic Standard, such as a doll heads necklace, pompom fingerless gloves and eyeball rings. She told us she likes shopping at Juana de Arco, and that she’s active on Twitter and Instagram.

Takuma is an IT entrepreneur. His jacket is from Tata Christiane and his pants are Bernhard Willhelm. He is also wearing a fur hat, a Moschino purse, turtle earrings and Bernhard Willhelm sneakers. His favorite shops include WuT Berlin, Dog Harajuku and Wall Harajuku, and he’s a Koto fan.

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