Colorful Tokyo Street Style Looks w/ Hysteric Glamour, Yosuke, Kinji Harajuku, Bunkaya Zakkaten & Ozone Community

In Harajuku, we met Yuki and 17-year-old Sakura, both students. They caught our eye with their colorful street styles.

Yuki’s denim ensemble features a printed button down shirt, denim vest, both from Hysteric Glamour, and resale patchwork denim pants. The rest of his outfit includes Yosuke platform boots, an Ozone Community sling bag, and accessories (some of which are also from Hysteric Glamour) such as eyeglasses, peace symbol chain earrings, a ballchain necklace with a dice pendant, a cameo ring, and a letter ring. Yuki’s favorite fashion brand is Hysteric Glamour. Follow him on Instagram!

Sakura’s outfit includes a pink, embroidered skirt over pants from Kinji Harajuku, a resale long sleeve lace top underneath a white t-shirt, resale zebra print platform creepers, and an embroidered pink tote bag from Bunkaya Zakkaten. Her resale accessories include gold drop earrings, a gold ear cuff, a beaded choker necklace, a red belt, and a sling bag. Her favorite vintage shop is Punk Cake and she listens to Aiko. She is active on Twitter.

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