Colorful Tokyo Street Styles w/ Ombre Hair, Kobinai, Romantic Standard, Punk Cake, New York Joe & Never Mind the XU

Catching our eye on the Shinjuku street with their colorful streetwear styles are Erina and Bien.

At the left we have Erina, sporting a reddish pink fringed bob underneath a see-through Kobina bucket hat. She is dressed in a dark blue cropped jacket with contrast red detailing from Kinji, worn over layers consisting of a clear vinyl tunic with red piping, a green lingerie dress with asymmetric hem and black lace bodice details from Romantic Standard, and a black mesh top. She also cinched her lingerie dress with a vinyl lace-up corset belt. The 18-year-old student finished off her look with white glitter socks, pink vinyl boots with pointy upturned toes from Kobinai, and a clear handbag with white handles from WEGO. Erina’s accessories – mostly from Romantic Standard and Kobinai – include pink-tinted sunglasses, a SEXY rhinestone collar necklace layered with a BITCH rhinestone necklace, and multiple knuckle rings to go along with her colorful glitter nails. Erina lists Kinji, Forever21, (ME) Harajuku and RRR as her favorite fashion brands while her musical picks include Kemio, Zedd and Marshmello. Erina is active on Twitter and Instagram.

Meanwhile, sporting long ombre blue hair with a black fringe at the right is Bien, an 18-year-old fashion college student. Bien stepped out in a blue ensemble which features a bluish-purple vinyl hoodie jacket with a plaid lining from New York Joe. She wore her jacket over a blue mock-neck Romantic Standard top underneath a vintage ombre blue button down tiered organza dress from Punk Cake, and cinched it with a purple garterized belt. Purple metallic lace-up platform boots from Never Mind the XU, blue-tinted chain strap sunglasses from (ME) Harajuku, a LOVE rhinestone choker from Pinnap layered with a silver pendant necklace, and multiple knuckle rings finished off her style. In addition, she is carrying a clear sling bag with a purple lining. RRR, Pinnap and Kobinai are some of Bien’s favorite fashion brands, and she loves listening to the music of Iz One. For more of Bien’s streetwear styles, follow her on Instagram.

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