Colorful Styles w/ Tulle Skirts, Rainbow Socks & Panda Purses in Harajuku

Mow and Ashiyan are two friendly Japanese girls who we met on the street in Harajuku. Their fashion looks very much like Harajuku decora style, but they aren’t wearing the traditional decora hair clips.

Mow – on the left – is wearing a colorful Jam top with a multicolor tulle skirt, rainbow socks, and hand -decorated rainbow sneakers. Accessories – some of which came from 6%DOKIDOKI and Claire’s – include cute hair clips, bracelets, rings, charms, a necklace, mask, and a cute panda purse. Her favorite fashion brands include Jam and 6%DOKIDOKI. She enjoys the music of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, NEWS, and Kanjani8. For more info, find Mow on Twitter.

Ashiyan – with the yellow/orange wig – is wearing a blue hoodie over a colorful Love Revolution t-shirt, an orange and blue tulle skirt she bought on Takeshita Dori, rainbow socks, leg warmers, and pastel sneakers from Kinji. Accessories – from Claire’s and 6%DOKIDOKI – include a cute beanie with eyes, heart face stickers, a colorful necklace, colorful studded bracelets, a panda purse and a chick purse from Thank-You Mart. Her favorite brands include Thank-You Mart, 6%DOKIDOKI, and Swimmer and she listens to News as well as Kanjani8. For more info, Ashiyan is also on Twitter.

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