Comme des Garcons vs. Adidas x Jeremy Scott

Kotaro is another cool guy we met in Harajuku. He’s wearing Commes des Garcons Black drop crotch pants (sarueru in Japan) with a black graphic t-shirt from Phenomenon. He also has a Phenomenon backpack. His denim vest is festooned with pop art buttons.

Katoro’s yellow shoes are from Adidas x Jeremy Scott. His accessories include trendy sunglasses, a necklace made from what looks like drink lids from Super and a metal wristband. His one-of-a-kind hat, which has a spiked spine, is from Curione.

Kotaro told us his favorite music is by Maximum the Hormone and Shakalabbits. His favorite brands are Phenomenon and Comme des Garcons.
Comme des Garcons Sarueru vs. Adidas x Jeremy

Phenomenon shirt & denim vest

Curione spiked hat

Phenomenon backpack

Knuckle rings

Adidas x Jeremy shoes

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  1. Comme!
    I adore his hat. Who wouldn’t want to look like a dinosaur? His shoes and backpack are cool too!

  2. Yet more people with good taste in music :D
    I think my other half would quite like that hat too ^^

  3. his hat and his backpack are just too cute! and a big yeeeey! for maximum the hormones =)

  4. I love everything he is wearing specially his backpack, hat and necklace which I don’t get you said it’s from Super but the lids say Phenomenon.

  5. very cool and trendy he remind me of G.D the Korean pop-star :)

  6. what brand is his blue and red brooch on his left chest area? i swear i have seen this before but i cant quite put my finger to its brand name! HELP! its killing me.