Conocoto Maxi Dress, Lace, Bows, Pooh Bear & Pastel Accessories

Here’s Yuppo, a Japanese fan of resale and dolly kei fashion who looked ethereal strolling on the streets of Harajuku when we spotted her.

The 23 year old is wearing a white lace and ruffles dress by Conocoto with floral clogs by Hug, which she paired with pink ruffle socks. Her canvas Keisuke Kanda tote features a nurse illustration and she added a lace ribbon to her Winnie the Pooh hat. She used accessories from Virgin Mary and Alchemy to adorn her dress: a bow brooch, a pendant printed with the letter F, a round pin and a number of bows and flowers on the side. She also wears a darling ring with an Eiffel Tower charm in a bubble. Yuppo had her hair in a side braid, and she wore pink make-up.

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  1. Oh my god that Winnie the Pooh hat is SO adorable! That is a must have!

  2. she is so cute!! i actually “aww”ed looking at her! lol <3

  3. hi! Can somebody please tell me where can i buy that eiffel ring? thx.. :)