Cool Guy in Furry Hat, Karategi & Tassel Necklace

Sugata is a 19-year-old college student that we met in Harajuku. His unique look is created with items from antique, vintage and resale shops – his favorite places to shop. His long white tunic is worn over a long cotton skirt from Boy. He’s wearing a black karategi as a jacket and brown suede boots, both from resale stores. His accessories include a furry hat from the Haight & Ashbury vintage shop in Shimokitazawa and a necklace made from large tassels. Sugata’s bag is from Mugendo, an ethnic goods shop in Koenji.

When we asked him about music, he told us that he likes listening to electro.

Furry hat, karategi and tassel necklace

Japanese student with large tassel necklace

Haight & Ashbury furry hat and glasses

Ethnic bag from Mugendo

Vintage brown suede boots

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  1. I was “Huh? A guy?” and then when I saw those hairy legs I went “It IS a guy!” LOL. Unique and bold choice of clothing. Admirable.

  2. mrdiamondhead

    This Gentlemen is Way Too Cool.Natural Fibers and Brilliant Tassels Seal the Deal that Love is all Around,Particularly on the High Streets of Tokyo.

  3. Wow. I love everything about this guy! His choice in clothes and accessories is impressive.

  4. That outfit is awesome on so many levels, I love it. He looks so cool and stylish.

  5. his face so cute ^3^ but i don’t like his clothes and accessories,, weird,,

  6. VERY bold yet nice! And outside Ralph Lauren Omotesando, too! haha. I love it.

  7. sam sasha

    Did Anyone know what eyeglasses he wear .. ?!