Cool Japanese Guy in Motorcycle Jacket & Leggings

Hatano is a cool 17-year-old high school student that we met in Harajuku. We first noticed his trendy haircut and the way he’s combined a Banal Chic Bizarre shirt with a resale motorcycle jacket from Mouse. His abstract-print shorts and spandex leggings are from the Faline shop in Harajuku. His accessories include buckled shoes with thick soles from a resale store and a black leather bag from PO△OΣ (aka “Rodos”).

It’s no surprise that Hatano’s favorite places to shop for clothes are Banal Chic Bizarre and Faline. His favorite music is Tokyo Incidents.

Motorcycle Jacket and Spandex Leggings

Trendy haircut with black leather jacket and bag

Japanese guy with cool haircut

Abstract-print shorts and Faline spandex leggings

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  1. He’s cool!
    Love his tee & jacket.
    His haircut’s so cool, too!

  2. Not just his clothes, this guy is just dangerously good-looking.