Corset Belt & Stylish Suit in Shibuya

This fashionable Japanese couple was photographed near the Marui department store in Shibuya. They were friendly and the guy speaks perfect English. Speaking of the guy, he is wearing a nice black suit with shiny black dress shoes. The girl with him is wearing a furry black hat, a white polka dot top, a black and white skirt with a black leather corset belt, and brown studded heels. Her accessories include several pearl strand necklaces. Their overall style/look was very high end for what we usually see and photograph in Shibuya.

Fashionable Shibuya Couple

Cute Guy & Girl Fashion

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  1. love the girl’s corset belt and blouse.
    but why in japan guys carry gf’s tiny bags it is so weird. lol if it was a heavy bag or a school bag I would understand. (I’m not talking in a negative way though, it’s just strange ^^v )

  2. I think it’s her bag he was holding. It’s small and pink, not very masculine, isn’t it?

  3. I love the way they both look, but I really don’t like the color of those shoes, I would have either worn black shoes or maybe red. I think its cute he’s holding her pink bag :D

  4. What an awesome looking couple… good stuff!! :)

  5. It seems like it’s her bag, but then why is he carrying it? It’s not that it looks heavy. I love the girls outfit though.

  6. He’s being a gentlmen! xD and I’m also lovin’ the whole outfit she’s wearing i want it !