Cote Mer Graphic Print Streetwear w/ Pink Hair, Skull Cap, Guess Denim Jacket, Patchwork Shirt & Pants, Cote Mer Waist Bag & Nike Sneakers

Sporting a colorful punk streetwear look on the streets of Tokyo is Shiryu, a 19-year-old artist we often feature on our street snaps section.

With his pink hair tucked under a tan cap, Shiryu is dressed in a denim jacket from Guess, worn over a patchwork Cote Mer shirt with asymmetric hems and a black turtleneck top. Shiryu also wore colorful patchwork jogger pants – also from Cote Mer, donned orange ankle socks, and stepped onto a pair of white Nike Air Force 1 sneakers with hand-painted flames and graphic prints. Shiryu completed his style with eyeglasses, spike earrings, a ring necklace, a long belt, silver chains and multiple knuckle rings. In addition, Shiryu is also carrying a graphic print waist bag, also from Cote Mer.

Cote Mer is Shiryu’s favorite fashion brand, and he enjoys listening to Faust. For his social media updates, follow Shiryu on Twitter and Instagram.

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