Crisp Ruffled Shorts & Angora Beret

Matahira is a 19-year-old furita enjoying the last days of warm weather. She’s wearing a white ruffle-front blouse over ruffled denim shorts from Crisp. Here lacy knee socks coordinate well with lace-up high heel oxford shoes.

Her hat is an angora beret. She’s accessorized her tan shoulder bag with a whimsical stuffed animal head (we don’t know if it’s a bear or bunny!).

She told us her favorite shops are Crisp and Pageboy. She likes the anisong music genre (anime songs).

Crisp Ruffled Shorts & Angora Beret

Ruffle front blouse

White angora beret

Purse with stuffed animal face

Lace socks & high heel oxford shoes

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  1. nicolanthon

    i can’t help but notice those two japanese guys at the back. they’re cute. teehee

  2. It’s so simple, but she looks really cute in it. :)

  3. i’d definitely like to try this look…one day…cute