Criss-Cross Thigh Highs, IGNI Leather Jacket & Punk Accessories

We noticed Ayano’s stockings when we saw her in Harajuku and knew we had to get some snaps. Besides the cool thigh highs worn with platform boots, this 19-year-old student is wearing a leather jacket from INGNI and a print top from Forever 21. Her tattered black shorts are from Bubbles.

Avano’s punk accessories include a green bow in her hair, a ring pendant on a long chain necklace, a tattoo choker with a small gold cross, several ear studs (including a blue safety pin), two gold rings, a tile bracelet, a leather wristband and a G-Shock watch. Her fabric tote bag is from Chanel.

When we asked Avano about her favorite fashion source she said she likes Bubbles. She also told us that her favorite music is by Metronomy and Late Of The Pier.

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  1. I think you tried to say “Late Of The Pier” :D

  2. @Emmanuel – Thanks for catching the typo. One letter makes a big difference. :-)