Crochet Shawl, Flower Tights & Dr. Martens Boots

This red-haired Japanese girl with bangs and a topknot is 18-year-old Konachan. She’s wearing a white high-neck blouse, red cardigan and short black skirt. The most eye-catching part of her outfit is her brown crochet shawl, which has yarn fringe that almost looks like fur. She’s also wearing white tights printed with flowers and high top Dr. Martens boots.

Konachan’s accessories from Wonder Rocket include a gold star ring, a matching star earring and a necklace with a bunny pendant. We asked her about her favorite fashion brands and shops and the answer was Romantic Standard and Wonder Rocket. Her favorite band is Shakalabbit.
Crochet Shawl, Flower Tights & Dr. Martens Boots

Brown shawl & red cardigan

Brown leather bag & white fabric tote

Gold star ring

Star earring & topknot

Flowered tights & Dr. Martens boots

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  1. First… nice outfit highlights are the star ring, hair and boots.

  2. that star ring is from!! I’ve just bought the same ^-^

  3. I don’t really like this one, its too frumpy for a girl her age, and makes her look ten pounds heavier. Not a huge fan of all “that”.

  4. nah, it just the picture…she looks really cute in her outfit!