Cropped Tartan Suit & Red Shoes in Harajuku

This cool bearded Japanese guy with long hair was photographed on Cat Street in Harajuku. His plaid/tartan suit with the cropped jacket and cropped pants looks like something that might have come from the mind of Christopher Nemeth, but unfortunately he didn’t share any brand info with us. Besides the suit, he’s wearing a red hat, red bandana/scarf, and red leather shoes. His bag is a black leather shoulder bag.

Japanese Guy in Red Hat & Shoes

Cool Beard & Scarf

Black Leather Shoulder Bag

Red Leather Shoes

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  2. sashay132

    omg! i thought it was a girl until i saw the beard…japanese guys are DEFINETLY in touch with there feminine side lol

  3. He looks like a dainty bearded lady but I love his outfit! It show’s he’s not afraid to dare to stick out from the crowd and is comfortable in the outfit he is wearing and that he does not give a care in the world what other people will react to his outfit which I love in a guy. I know in my country he would get looks and sinkers from people because they are not use to it. But I would invite him for a drink =). He marches to a beat of a different drum. =)