Cult Party, Nadia, Grimoire & Swimmer

This is Saki, a 20-year-old student. She’s wearing a lingerie top from Cult Party over a Michael Jackson t-shirt. Her red coverup is a chiffon lingerie robe. She bought her graphic leggings at a select store and is wearing them with black Dr. Martens boots.

Saki’s is carrying a black Nadia bag. Her accessories are from Grimoire, Swimmer and a 300-yen shop. They include a flowered hat, a pendant made of flowers, leather wristbands and a large watch.

Saki’s favorite shops and brands are The Virgin Mary, Grimoire, Nadia. She likes the music of L’arc en Ciel, Janne da Arc, Kaera Kimura and Yuki.
Cult Party, Nadia, Grimoire & Swimmer

Flowered hat & red lingerie robe

Blonde bob & flowered hat

Nadia bag & large watch

Lingerie top & flower pendant

Leather wristbands

Graphic leggings & Dr. Martens boots

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  1. Not a fan . _.; too much going on imo. Her stockings are awesome though.

  2. im a big fan of wearing lingerie outdoors, a throwback to the courtney love heyday of grunge-kindercore-sluttyweirdness. not a huge fan of the red coverup, id rather see the entireity of the lingerie over the tee shirt, i think itd be cute. tights are aaaaamazing, i wants them.

  3. I’m not a huge fan of this … but here’s an outfit of Saki I DO like.

    I got really excited when I saw saki on here, cause when I love the outfit she wore on japanese streets. :3

    Its prettty cool she’s been photographed more than once, and on different sites too!

  4. Um…i think this outfit doesn’t fit because this is a boy. I’m pretty sure she is a he. That’s why the fashion sense is off because he doesn’t know what is “fashion”.

  5. Those leggings! Oh gosh I love those leggings.
    The outfit is a bit sloppy, so not a huge fan, but props for courage for doing something different.

  6. It just doesn’t work.
    If she would have dressed more in the style of her Accesories and tights, i think that’d be gorgeous though. Especially the hat.