Curly Hair & Betty Boop on Cat Street in Harajuku

This cute Japanese girl and guy were photographed on Cat Street in Harajuku. They were chilling out having a break after doing some shopping when we spotted them. The smoking guy is wearing a vest over a print shirt, Converse sneakers, and a Vivienne Westwood necklace. His shopping bag is from the popular Harajuku boutique G2?.

The girl with the cute curly hair, glasses, & beanie is wearing a red cardigan sweater over a dress with an all-over “LONDON” print, black stockings, and Vans sneakers. Her accessories include an animal print backpack and a Betty Boop necklace with a big red bow. She’s also carrying a shopping bag from Thank You Mart.

Cute Harajuku Street Style

Smoking in Harajuku

Betty Boop Necklace

Cute Hair and Red Sweater

Vans vs. Converse Sneakers

G2? vs. Thank You Mart

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  1. I dig his simple outfit, but she’s definitely a special kind of cute. <3 Her smile is amazing.

  2. No and no. They both look weird. And what is she suppose to be?

  3. ‘what is she supposed to be’? it’s not a costume. and i think quirkiness is pretty much what they were going for.