Cut Off Shorts & Leather Jacket Shibuya Gals

These two friendly and pretty Shibuya gals were photographed just off Center Street. The blonde girl on the left is wearing a gray beret, a v-neck shirt, denim cut off shorts, and boots. The girl on the right is wearing a black leather jacket over a blue dress, stockings, and heels. In the closeup, you can see all of the charms on the girl on the right’s mobile phone.

Shibuya Girls Style

Shibuya Girls Hair and Makeup

Click either photo to blow it up.

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  1. LOVE those shoes on the right! Where can I get those?? LOVE!!!

  2. i think if the leggings on the right went to cover the feet it would look way cuter, just because it would :)

  3. dead_teruterubozu

    o em geeee mukenye kek jongos yang sebelah kanan wakakakak