Cute Fans of 6%DokiDoki

Here are two cute students, both 16 years old, who are fans of %6DokiDoki. The girl on the right with bobbed hair is wearing a pink dress with ruffled sleeves from Ne-net. Her yellow patterned leggings are from 6%DokiDoki. She’s also wearing sandals printed with hearts and flowers.

Her accessories from 6%DokiDoki include a bright plastic watch and ring and a baby bottle necklace. She’s carrying a crochet bag and a stuffed reptile purse from Village Vanguard.

Her friend on the left with long hair is wearing a pastel print top and pastel chiffon skirt from 6%DokiDoki. She’s carrying bags from Spank! and Angelic Pretty, including a pink fabric purse and a lavender unicorn hippo that doubles as a backpack.

Her accessories from Nile Perch and 6%DokiDoki include a pastel bracelet made from large beads, 2 heart rings, a bunny ring and necklaces with hearts and bunnies. She’s also wearing long striped pastel socks decorated with butterflies and flat shoes with bows and criss-cross straps from Angelic Pretty. She said her favorite shops are G2? and 6%DokiDoki.

Both girls have cute bows in their hair.
Cute Girls in 6%DokiDoki Clothes & Accessories

6%DokiDoki dress with ruffled sleeves

6%DokiDoki plastic jewelry

6%DokiDoki textured leggings with patterned sandals

6%DokiDoki top & hippo backpack

%6DokiDoki pastel rings & bracelet

Angelic Pretty shoes with bows

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  1. Dominique

    what a odd bag. Hey but that’s why I like Japan!!! I like the patterns in their outfit and the bows are cute.All the bright colors is a plus

  2. I’ve wanted that pastel skirt for so long now. ;-; (And the shoes/tights are awesome too.) I love everything about the outfit on the right though! (Especially the jewelry~ ^^)

  3. This is very interesting! I love the toad bag, and of course, I ALWAYS love “Ne-Net.” Its one of my favorite Japanese brands! I would like to see more of those kind of kids featured!

    This is really interesting too, because it seems like it was kind of this style that got Harajuku famous in the 90’s in the first place. I’m glad that Tokyo fashion has become more diverse, but good that some still carry the roots of the street fashion culture, especially young kids. – Street Fashion Illustrations!

  4. Manga.Freak

    i think i’ve seen that purple unicorn bag in Hot Topic….
    aaaaaaannnnnnnddd! i want those green shoes!! <3

  5. oh i love the one with the teapartys! i’ve notice some lolita going on in with the 6% doki doki!!

  6. That is so amazing *A8 and she looks like me, so I guess I can pull the look off too! XD That purse is epic by the way.

  7. Stephanie D. Brown

    the one with the unicorn is awesome!