One of the first things we noticed about this cute girl with long pigtails was her short full skirt from Furimadonna, but then we noticed her eye-catching Jeffrey Campbell shoes — the wooden block heels on these lace-up patent leather shoes are truly unique. She’s also wearing a handmade top and a chiffon scarf tied in a bow around her neck. She bought her star-studded purse on the Internet. Her hands are decorated with red polish and delicate rings from used/resale shops.

She told us her favorite designer is Jeffrey Campbell and she likes the music of The Ramones and Noah & The Whale.
Furimadonna Skirt & Jeffrey Campbell Wooden Block Shoes

Chiffon bow & long pigtails

Star-studded purse

Red nail polish & delicate rings

Jeffrey Campbell patent leather wooden heel shoes

Jeffrey Campbell wooden block heels

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  1. Wow, amazing shoes, great outfit.. I wonder how it is to wear them…

  2. Amazing shoes!!!.
    She looks like Ikimono Gatari’s vocalist in some senses ^^. Cute ^-^

  3. Really Cute! Nice nails, love the way the nails and socks match. Great shoes.

  4. Dreaded Queen

    How lovely!! She is like an asian Carrie Bradshaw .


    Even without the wooden block, she can still walk. Like Lady Gaga’s.

  6. Stephanie D. Brown

    she & her outfit are very cute!just the shoes do not match with the outfit!they look very interesting though!

  7. She’s very cute but the shoes are so weird/strange ! !