Cute Hairstyles, Cable Knit Sweater, Fuzzy Vest & Striped Socks in Shibuya

Here are two cute & stylish Japanese girls who we ran into while crossing the street in Shibuya. Their style definitely reminds us more of Harajuku than Shibuya, and in fact they were walking in the direction of Harajuku when we spotted them!

The girl on the left is wearing a fuzzy red jacket with a fuzzy black vest and fuzzy gloves, a black skirt, colorful thigh-high striped socks over black stockings, and platform Converse sneakers. The girl on the right is wearing a white cable knit sweater (chunky resale/vintage cable knit sweaters are huge right now in Harajuku), a gathered mini-skirt with piping, white stockings, ruffle socks, and low sole creepers. The yellow in her scarf adds a splash of color to the outfit.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. Dreaded Queen

    In love with that scarf and like the chunky sweaters and the blue skirt. Still not loving this creepers though lol. h

  2. I have the black shoes the girl on the right is wearing :D