Cute Japanese Bob Hairstyle & Pink Beret in Harajuku

This 16-year-old Japanese high school student – who got our attention immediately with her fantastic blonde bob hairstyle – was photographed in Harajuku. Her outfit consists of a pink beret from the Japanese resale shop Thank You Mart, a red Troy Bros jacket with a cute mushroom patch on it, a checkered skirt from a vintage/resale shop, and orange-ish boots. Her bag choice is a colorful backpack. She told us that her favorite place to shop for fashion in Tokyo is the vintage/resale shop Chicago, and her favorite singer is Yuki.

Pink Beret & Red Jacket in Harajuku

Cute Japanese Bob Hairstyle

Colorful Backpack in Harajuku

Pretty Japanese Eye Makeup & Hairstyle

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  1. She’s so pretty. But her eyes look really strange. Is it make-up or something? It looks like it is about to pop out.

  2. It always amazes me that while they always wear makeups, they insists on keeping it natural-looking, as if they don’t wear any. And this one, she had hers done perfectly, despite of her very young appearance.

  3. her outfit ‘s cool. i don’t think she is pretty!

  4. I can totally see that she likes YUKI! Hair looks like it may be a homage to YUKI’s. Looks awesome! *-*

  5. Oh, she’s modeling for the KERA magazine ! :3♥

  6. I want that wig, Japanese girls have the best wigs.

  7. She is adorable in this. How she pulled it off with the bright yellow boots I am reeling. Very nicely done…

  8. the make up is soooo cuuute she looks lovely , the only thing i dont like is the pink hat (but thats only my opinion )

  9. She’s a Kera model with a popular blog somewhere, I forgot her name. She’s cute and is always photographed! Can’t believe she’s only 16. :)

  10. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu! She’s adorable and original.


  12. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu! I love her!!! She always has the cutest outfits!!!! And her face is just so adorable ^-^