This cute and friendly Japanese girl was walking on Cat Street between Shibuya and Harajuku when we spotted her. Her outfit includes a leather jacket from Forever 21, a black top, a black skirt, colorful leggings from Galaxxxy, and heels from H&M. Her accessories include a purple hair bow (hair accessories like this one – print fabric folded into a bow wrapped around the top of the head – are booming right now in Tokyo), a “LOVE” necklace, a studded suede bag from Topshop, and an iPod shuffle. She’s also wearing cool purple contacts, which you can see if you look at the closeup photo of her face.

Pretty Japanese Girl in Shibuya

Japanese Girl Wearing a Love Necklace

Japanese Girl & Her Purple Hair Bow

TopShop Studded Suede Bucket Bag

H&M Heels & Galaxxxy Leggings

Click any of the pictures to enlarge them.


  1. She have way too much makeup on. I like her leather jacket though.

  2. I totally recognize those shoes-I have the same pair from H&M! lol

  3. Looks like the ’50s (in America) from the jacket up. Really cute.

  4. Oh, I thought it was Keith Haring leggings but no :
    Anyway she’s still pretty cool !

  5. Is she malformed, I don’t understand the problems with her foot … ? ;)

  6. Leggings <3 The coloured contacts are cool as well

  7. AMAZING. Unique, for tokyo standards too. Well done. Funky, yet elegant. the little toesie socks are adorable. Perfect.

  8. Supermarinello

    Does she have violet contact lenses? Or her eyes of violet color?

  9. Stephanie

    Love the lenses!Here outfit is perrty and she looks really cute! ^.^

  10. Madonna Lily

    She looks so tender
    she’s got enough make up on
    love her leggins too

  11. I like this! :) It’s well thought through!
    btw, there’s something written on her hand… does it say “koshihimo” ?

  12. I know I knoW!!!!!!!!!
    Her necklace is the Claire’s !!!! I saw the necklace the last time that I went!!!!!

  13. The purple contacts are utterly cool, and the pink scarf tied over her head is amazingly elegant^^