Cute Japanese Girl in Sonia Rykiel Short Shorts, Heels & Heart Sunglasses in Harajuku

Meet Hano, a cute 19-year-old Japanese student who was photographed in Harajuku. Her outfit is simple, yet eye catching. She’s wearing Sonia Rykiel black satin short shorts (from the highly sought after Sonia Rykiel for H&M collection) over black tights, a white top, and a vintage black leather motorcycle jacket. Her bag choice is a cute red Baby Pink House backpack, purchased at a flea market. Accessories include heart-shaped sunglasses from a vintage store and a silver key necklace, also vintage. Hano told us that her favorite shop is Uniqlo.

Japanese Girl in Satin Shorts and Heart Sunglasses

Red Hair in Pig Tails and Leather Jacket

Baby Pink House backpack

Heart Sunglasses and Hoop Earrings

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  1. WOW. I don’t think I can ever pull that off. I like it.

  2. I don’t think we can really call them shorts, but she does have the legs to pull them off. Ah youth! hehe^^

  3. Where is her skirt? lol. Just kidding! I could never pull this off but she looks amazing. ^.^

  4. Aaaaw, I like to wear shorts+tights too! But my shorts are defenitely longer ^^” Anyway I like her style, although shorts could be a bit longer (maybe it looks strange for me because of her pose in the first picture?)

  5. Okay, no offence to anyone (and I mean it) but I think it looks like she is wearing panties. It looks like crap. I would never wear that in my life. As much as I love Japanese fashion, this just is not good looking. Sorry… ><

  6. The issue is with her stockings. Ones without a doubled base wouldn’t show under her shorts

  7. I don’t think she wants anybody to ‘like’ it, don’t we dress for ourselves?
    And to the criticizers, If she likes it that’s all what counts!

  8. Her hairstyle is adorable, I’m definitely going to try it.

  9. Skunk, we are merely critiquing it. Fashion is indeed an expression of ones self. It is wearable art we create. However, even art is critiqued and criticize. I agree with the others, the shorts are too short. I’m not saying she dressed indecently, they just don’t seem to be in good taste. But like I said before, this is my personal opinion. No one here is the all knowing all seeing last say in fashion. None of us can say whether someone is not fashionable or is fashionable. No one can.

  10. Even living in Brazil I would not dare go out dressed in a shorts so. But I loved it. *-*

  11. love the outfit… but im alittle on the conservative side so the pants just r 2 short 4 me ;p

  12. dillmockingbird

    @TeeKyu, true. that’s not “shorts” I thought those are underwears! XD

  13. wow I love the look, beautiful outfit, she is so beautiful, the most cutest girl I have ever seen.